Recording artist/songwriter Gehan was born to Sri Lankan parents, and raised in Flatbush - Brooklyn, NY. Growing up in Flatbush, it was inevitable that he would be exposed to Caribbean culture. With classmates from various countries, his introduction to Reggae and Dancehall music by way of Jamaican friends would come to impact him most.


Being of Sri Lankan heritage, Gehan was self-conscious about growing up Brown in America. He quickly found that Dancehall was his release; seeing people of color fully express their culture, unafraid to speak in their native accents and openly discuss “off limit” topics in their music. He states “Seeing Sean Paul rise to fame in the US was hugely inspiring for me because suddenly music that I had only listened to with my West Indian classmates was also being listened/danced to by white kids at school. It brought people together.”


Gehan has been writing and recording since age 14. It began as an outlet for him, and an attempt to impress his Jamaican crush, but soon became his passion. He released his first mixtape in high school and later was frontman for the reggae band Gehan and the Back of Beyond.

Following the band's breakup, Gehan returned to NYC as a solo artist. With Dancehall still at the core of his passion, he decided to record his first solo EP, Stereo Hype. Be sure to take a listen and support the new project and also watch Gehan’s solo journey by following this trailblazing artist on all his social media profiles.


- S. Monet

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