Band Members




Born to Sri Lankan immigrants and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn, Gehan grew up immersed in reggae music. “if you’re in Flatbush and you go a half-hour outside without having a car pass by blasting reggae or dancehall loudly…’re not in Flatbush." This environment, combined with listening to his father’s old Bob Marley and Dennis Brown records, formed the basis of his reggae-flavored sound, which has always been his main musical liking and influence.

As race and ethnicity were prominent issues in his neighborhood, Gehan experienced the ‘neither here nor there’ phenomenon whereas being Sri Lankan means being neither black or white, and often mistaken for Indian or Latino. In this, he felt the need to remain positive and unifying.

Gehan wasted no time in taking up every opportunity he could in order to enhance his creativity- since childhood he has invested in poetry, piano lessons, (and eventually self-taught guitar), learning to read music, song-writing and recording. Thanks to a friend’s encouragement in junior high school, Gehan worked on his own beats and songs which eventually led to his first self-produced album, as he also took it upon himself to learn the engineering side of music making.

As well as his artistic devotion to reggae, he also has a fondness and appreciation for the pop songs during his childhood-growing up in the 90s. His infectious feel-good vibes and heartfelt lyrics bring messages of hope, and address everyday concerns. Gehan effortlessly bridges the gap between mainstream pop and reggae/dancehall creating a universal appeal. 

-Tennille Astor

After relocating to Boston, Gehan teamed up with like-minded musicians to form the Back Of Beyond band.



DTK began playing drums in elementary school encouraged by his parents who thought it might help his dyslexic tendencies.  As he continued to play they encouraged him to continue playing and have practice at their house "at least we knew where you were and who you were with"). Though he wasn't a music major he took his drums to college in Ohio where he even played briefly with Nine Inch Nails engineer Sean Bevan. 

Back home in Boston he played in the ska band Agent 13, (Lake) Boone, The Hyphens and continues to drum concurrently with Sam Bayer; and The Italian American (Marching) Band as well as Gehan and The Back of Beyond.

In his spare time, he loves Dance and World music and enjoys building his own unique drum and percussion sets.

"Playing in Gehan and the Back of Beyond is really a bit of dream come true.  The lyrics are positive, the music is dancable and the band members are great human beings"




Lori started playing piano at 6 years old when her parents encouraged her to take piano lessons. Then at age 12 Lori took on the trumpet  to join the school band. In middle school she was asked to join the high school jazz band and rehearsed and competed with them. 

This continued into her high school career. When Lori was in the 11th grade, the jazz band bass player left the band and they were in desperate need for a bassist. Lori picked up the bass and has continued to play since. 

She has played and gigged with several ska and punk bands. Ska/reggae is her true love and she has found a home in The Back of the Beyond.




Cory began playing guitar his junior year of high school but has been a music fan his entire life. Spending most of his childhood as a baseball player Cory decided to switch to what became his true passion, playing the blues. He learned the instrument through many years of immersing himself in old R&B/Soul and blues records but his influences also include reggae, classic rock and hip hop. He shared this appreciation for soul music with his high school friend and together they formed a band that now plays frequently in the Cambridge/Somerville area and has released two EP's of original music. 

Aside from his love for blues music Cory has a great appreciation for reggae having listened to Bob Marley as a child and therefore jumped at the opportunity to join Gehan and the Back of Beyond and play some original reggae and dancehall tunes. Outside of music Cory enjoys golfing and is an avid Bruins fan.